Bathurst Farmer's Market
is a project of
Lions Club of Bathurst Inc.

Lions Club of Bathurst Inc.

Market Stall Holders

OUR Stall holders at our markets are required to adhere to the Bathurst Farmers Market Charter and are accepted on considered application only. This is to ensure seasonality of goods and integrity of the “Locally grown/produced” product which we are so proud of. If you are a local producer and would like to have a stall at our Markets you can download the Stallholders Application Form and Bathurst Farmers Market Charter ” by clicking here.

Produce on offer includes fresh grown fruit and vegetables from local producers and orchards, honey, soap, oils, wine, meat, bread, plants and cut flowers, gourmet sauces and marinades, cakes and fudges, coffee and natural skin care products & beauty products.

There are also stalls selling fresh cooked snacks and locally grown and roasted coffee, for you to enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch.  Check out monthly special attractions, as we plan to have guest producers and presenters attending from time to time, as well as “locally grown” entertainment. For the latest BFM Newsletter, click here.


Key – Types of Stalls

The key below shows the types of stalls listed in the pavilions beneath.

CC Cakes & Confectionery
CH Cosmetics, Health & Beauty
CT Coffee/Tea
FS Food Stall
FV Fruit & Vegetables
HJ Honey / Jams / Preserves
BA Bakery
MP Meat / Poultry
OO Olives / Oil products
PL Pets / Livestock
PF Plants & Cut Flowers
SM Sauces / Marinades
WS Wine & Spirits
CD Cheese and Dairy

Stall Directory

Stalls listed below occur every market unless denoted otherwise by asterisks (*) which are explained at the bottom of the page.

Beau Brown Pavilion
(Western Side)

Beau Brown Pavilion
Key Stall Name
CD Little Big Dairy Company
HJ Cottlesbrook Honey
FV Dutch Cream Potatoes*
 CC  Enticing Icing Cake Design
FV The Walnut Grove*
MP Kurrajong Country Beef
HJ Perthville Jam Lady
PL Pet Treats Direct
OO Ploughman’s Hill Olives
FV R&J Berry Certified Organic*
WS Stone Pine Distillery
CH The Soap Man
BA Wentworth Bread Shop
WS Wines Of Bathurst – Stockman’s Ridge
WS Wines Of Bathurst – Rinzaglia Wines***
CH Woodlawn Lavendar
CC CWA Devonshire Teas
CC Spencer Cocoa
HJ Illalanga Farm
OO Falcon Grove Oils
CC Chocolate On Purpose
CT Blur Mountains Herbal Co

Trevitt Pavilion

Trevitt Pavilion
Key Stall Name
MP Down To Earth Lamb
FS Farmer’s Breakfast
LIONS Club Stand
SM Milnes of Mudgee
OO Paling Yard Olives
SM Pariva Produce
FV Traditional Local Produce
FV Cowra Organic Farm
CH Essential Soaps
WS Grass Parrot**
CC Morish Morsels
CC Tricia’s Treats
WS Vale Creek
WS Fish River Brewery

Outside Stalls

Outside Stalls
Key Stall Name
PF Bell & Back Wildflowers*
PF Blue Wren Bush Farm
Community Info Stall
CT Fish River Roasters Coffee
FV Heybridge Farm Forbes
HJ Hillyar’s Honey
SM Linda’s Red Hot Sweet Chilli Relish
FV Maxton Park Orchard
FV Nashdale Orchards
FV Neurea Valley Produce
PF Eglinton Plants
FV Perfect Premium Potatoes****
PF Pete’s Fuchsias *
FS Rotary Daylight Delights
PF Stoney Creek Wildflowers
FV Yetholme Produce
FV Riverock Natural Tomatoes*
FV Borenore Berries*

Howard Pavilion
(Eastern Side)

Howard Pavilion
Key Stall Name
WS Bantry Grove
CT Long Point Coffee
SM Blue M Produce
MP Trunkey Pork and Bacon
WS 3 Views
WS Bantry Grove
FS Hill End Estate
FV Farmer Doug
PF Audrey Menzies Nursery
BA PeeWees Bakery
Meat/Poultry MP
Olives/ Oil products OO
Pets/Livestock PL
Plants & cut flowers PF
Sauces/marinades SM
Wine & Spirits WS
Bakery BA
Cakes & Confectionary CC
Cosmetics, health & Beauty CH
Coffee CO
Food Stall FS
Fruit & vegetables FV
Honey/Jams/preserves HJ

*Stall appears on a seasonal basis only

**Stall appears every second market – odd month

***Stall appears every second market – even month

****Stall appears every market except Jan.